Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Egg carton dragon

I set down with my son to make an adorable egg carton caterpillar that I found a great tutorial for. He was not happy. “Why would I want to make a caterpillar?” So I asked what he wanted to make. “T-Rex”
I said, “How about a Dragon?”
So I played around with some random materials I found in the house and here is what I came up with. My son thinks it looks more like a lion. I think if you painted it red it would look like a Chinese New Year dragon.
I also included pictures of what my son came up with.
I had to stop making mine, because he needed someone to “fight” his dragon.
Neither really survived the battle.

1 or 2 empty egg cartons
1 or 2 pipe cleaners
5 or 6 Cotton balls
2 googly eyes

Cut empty egg carton down the lengthwise center to get 2 bodies.
Legs come from another egg carton high part between the eggs. Set with cups nestled inside.
Head is held on with pipe cleaner twisted through holes punched in carton. Tongue is end of that pipe cleaner sticking out.
Head is cup with corner cut off and reattached with 1” strips of pipe cleaner through hole and bent to secure. Secured part of another cup to back of head and glued ears on that.
Whiskers is pipe cleaner pressed through holes.
Hair is cotton balls carefully unrolled stripped and glued on.

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