Friday, May 29, 2009

Upcycled (catalogue/cereal box) box

I was inspired by this box I saw on craftstylish. I wanted to make it out of items from around the house that would otherwise just get recycled. My bottom is slightly different and I used an origami box for the top.

You could also make it paper bags or any paper instead of catalogue paper and draw designs on. I was thinking of making one out of my son’s artwork, but I am afraid he will think I ruined it, so I think he would have to be consulted first.

Catalogue – I used Anthropologie – always inspiring
Empty food box
Glue stick

Cut 4 – 2”x3” rectangles, 1- 2” square, 1 – 2 ¼” square from empty cardboard food box
Cut 1 – 6 1/2” square and 1 – 8 1/8” square from catalogue pages

Fold each side of 8 1/8” square at 3” from edge
Glue 2” square in center, line up with folds
Glue 2x3 centered in folds, lined up with edge of paper – should be small gap from 2” square.
Cut corners from fold to fold of 8 1/8” square
Fold triangle in half
Now have bottom of box

Start with 6 ½” square
Fold corners to meet at center
Fold new sides to meet at center
Open fold other sides
Open sides
Open two opposite corners
Fold sides again
Fold over flaps to meet at center
Insert 2 ¼” square
Now you have top

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recycled magazine envelope

I am working on thank you cards for all the lovely people who have given my daughter welcome home gifts. I design them digitally and print them out, 2 to an 8 ½ x 11 sheet. I can never find envelopes to fit that size. So I developed these. If you stitch them within 3/8” from the edge the card and a 4x6 picture fits nicely. If you glue them, a 5x7 fits.
If you place the template diagonally it gives a very nice deco look.

You can make them from plain paper bags and have your child illustrate each one.
You can also size them larger and reuse paper grocery bags for shipping.
Thread and sewing machine or glue stick

Trace template on magazine page
Cut out
Fold 1, 2 and then 3
Sew decorative stitch along each side, securing flaps
Place items inside envelope
Fold 4
Stitch closed

Use shipping label if mailing

Friday, May 15, 2009

Painted glass stones

I may not feel inspired or creative but my son sure does. During a play date, he pulled out the supplies for these, and they each sat down and painted some. The last time we made these we put them in potted plants outside for a little extra color in the winter garden.

Glass marbles – clear and flat, the largest size is easiest for little hands
Often available at tile stores, I have also found them at the dollar store, they are often used in clear flower vases
Acrylic craft paint- watch out, when it dries it is permanent
A small amount goes a long way.
Small head paint brushes – we used ones with a head about the size of a tooth pick. We didn’t have enough for everyone, so I used a much thicker one and it was very difficult.
Newspaper – to cover working surface and mix colors on

Cover work surface with newspaper
Paint underside (flat side) of marble
Can use newspaper to mix colors on
Let dry
Turn over and display

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Fort

We constructed a fort over the bed so I could read to my son before bed and not disturb my daughter. It works to keep the light in but our voices wake her up… My son loves sleeping in the fort and it stays so nice and warm that he doesn’t need covers.

Queen flat sheet
2 curtain clips
Giant pile of stuffed animals

Clip curtain clips on short end of sheet.
Hang from wall or curtain rod.
Spread sheet across bed
Pile stuffed animals as high as possible and roll sheet under to secure.

Note: be careful to put as much height as possible. One morning I found my son wrapped up in the sheet, still attached to the wall and had a panic attack. Since I piled the animals up tall I haven’t had that problem again.

I also think you could attach elastic around the thin end and loop it under the mattress for more security.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am still lacking in sleep and find myself uninspired to craft.

Here is a free pattern for the Elephant stuffed animal I mentioned earlier. I have not sewn it up yet, but it should be really cute.

Directions here except no seperate tail.