Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Up-cycled Jeanskirt

Up-cycle that great pair of jeans that never fit right. I have a stack of jeans that I can’t bear to throw away. Most of them shrank the first time I washed them (including that $200 organic pair…) The others are from my larger days. Here is a great stylish way to wear them again.

Old jeans
Matching thread (match the existing topstitch or the jean color)
Sewing machine
Seam ripper

Cut leg at ½ the inseam or higher (depending on length you want the skirt). Remember to leave at least 1 ¼” for hem. Also keep in mind too small pants will sit higher on the waist than the pants did.
Carefully open inseam.
Open rise (crotch seam) ½ way up in back and to 1” below zipper in front.
Open inseam of cut off piece also.
Lay open overlap rise and pin cut off piece between legs, one in front and one in back.
Try skirt on to be sure you can sit and walk. Move legs farther apart if you can not.
Stitch in place.
Turn up and up and secure hem.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Berry picking bucket

The berries are in at the farmer’s market! That means its u-pick time. This recycled bucket is perfect for picking berries. I sling it over my wrist so I can hold branches with one hand and pick with the other. Fill it part way and then dump into the over sized container provided by the berry patch. Simple, efficient and easy

Clean takeout food container
Ribbon (I use ribbon from presents I have received)

Wrap ribbon around top of food container
Tie tightlyCut length for handle
Tie each end to other ribbon

Can also stitch ends down for stiffer ribbon

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thank you cards

I finally got my thank you cards done. They should be quick and easy but I tried to sandwich them in 1 hour naptime along with my other chores and work. So they ended up taking several weeks.
One week to select and print photo. One week to cut paper. One week to glue… Really 5 minutes at a time.
Now all I have to do is write a quick note in each and send them off!

8 ½” x 11” cardstock
2 – 4x6 photos
Paper grocery sack
Glue stick

Slice ¾” off one end of each photo (measure 4” x 5 ¼”)
Cut cardstock in half lengthwise
Fold in half widthwise (measure 4 ¼” x 5 ½”)
Glue photo in bottom corner of cardstock along folded edge

Slice open grocery bag along seams.
Follow this link for envelope. Only use grocery sack with blank side out.