Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grocery Bag Kites

I have not been feeling very creative lately. Craziness of Summer. But my son has been desperate to do a craft. So one day he wouldn't wait for me any longer and recreated a project we did a year or so ago. The last time, he taped his bag into a little wad and dragged it around. This time we tied string to the handles, punched holes in the bottom to tied streamers made from cut up bags. One of them is 3 bags connected. I was going to make a dragon out of it, but didn't have enough time.

They make great wind socks too.

Pictures are on a hot windless day. We got some height on them. My son prefers flying kites when there is no wind. He likes the challenge of getting them up and is bored when we keep them up in the sky.