Friday, September 18, 2009

sustainable fashion show

I have been busy preparing for the Sustainable Ballard Festival fashion show. I got an invitation last week and the show is next week! Making Upcycled jeans skirts and repurposed t-shirt dresses among other things. I am thinking of making sweater shoes from repurposed sweater arms and thriftstore shoes. If they work out I will post instructions later. Wondering if I have time to make jewelry...
If you are in the Seattle area and a size mediumish woman and want to model in the fashion show I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mason Bee house

I saw this in a magazine while waiting at the dentist. I thought it looked really easy and since my neighbor has an out of control bamboo patch along our boarder it would also be free. We just pulled a 2” round stalk that was growing under our siding. It went under a cement path, up our foundation and under the siding.
Mason bees are great pollinators and don’t sting. I placed this home in our plum tree.

2 stalks of bamboo (6-8 feet)
Clippers or sharp saw
Twine (I used some twill tape)

Cut the bamboo into segments. The magazine said every 6 inches. But I cut it just above the joint so the bee would have somewhere to nestle. So the segments are different lengths. I also used clippers when I should have used a saw on the larger parts. So mine is a little raggedy.
Bundle the bamboo together, wrapping the twine two times around before tying off.
Place bundle in crotch of a tree, somewhere it is protected.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fruit fly trap

I accidentally left the rind of a melon on the counter over night. We must have had 100 fruit flies on it the next morning. I tried to carry it outside with all the flies, but they just scatter. So I made this fly trap and my son and I watched and counted the carnage…

Used, clean food tub
Plastic wrap
Rubber band
Cider vinegar

Pour ½ inch or more cider vinegar in bottom of the container
Cover with plastic wrap
Secure plastic wrap with rubber band
Poke a few holes in the center of the plastic wrap
Set on counter and leave alone

The flies like the cider smell. They can get into the trap but not out. They eventually tire and drown. Clean out as needed by emptying washing and repeating. You can reuse the plastic wrap.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Melon Balling

Rainy Sunday holiday weekend… What to do?…
Here is great (time consuming) activity. I have fond memories of sitting balling melon and chatting with the Nanny as she made dinner. I think my son will have fond memories also (minus the Nanny). We chatted and took turns trying to make the roundest ball.

Ripe Melon
Melon baller
Large bowl

Cut melon in half
Remove seeds
Place baller against melon flesh and twist handle
Gently tap utensil against rim of bowl to release