Friday, February 27, 2009

More recycled stuffed animals

I haven’t had time to do much this week. Don’t really know where the week went. But poof it’s gone. So here are some stuffed animals I made to keep my piggy company. The little owl is super easy.
Here’s hoping for a more creative week next week.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recycled sweater pot holder

I whipped these up yesterday after burning my hands yet again with my 5 year old cotton pot holders. They are super easy and pretty sophisticated. I was going to appliqué some cute fabric on them, but ran out of time. You may have seen me stitching them together at the playground…

Don’t think any heat will make it through 2 layers of felted wool.

Felted sweaters – old favorite or thrift store
Wool yarn
Tapestry needle

Cut 2 - 8” squares or circles of felted wool.
Place wrong sides together and blanket stitch together.
Crotchet stitched the loop and secured by wrapping yarn through.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Meadowbrook Pond

This week was Mid-winter break for my son’s school, so I didn’t have time to do anything creative… But here is a fun worksheet I just made for his class field trip. So if you are ever in the Meadowbrook pond area, check it out.
Meadowbrook Pond is located on 35th Avenue NE, between NE 107th and 110th Streets, across from the Meadowbrook Community Center.
It is a flood control and water quality project in the heart of northeast Seattle. This new park-like facility is built on the site of the former Lake City Sewage Treatment Plant, and was completed in March 1998 by Seattle Public Utilities.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recycled sweater pig

I saw something similar on another blog. I really wanted to make one. I spent hours looking for a pattern and finally decided to try making one myself.

I also want to try lengthening the nose and widening the ears to make an elephant.

Go to Two kitties to see how close I came.

It’s great, like a small pillow made from a felted recycled sweater.

Felted sweater
Sewing machine
Matching thread
Had sewing needle

Cut out pattern
Sew ears and tail first
Fold ear lengthwise and stitch across raw edge
Attach ears to body through small holes
Sew body together
Leave nose open
Turn right side out
Stuff through the nose
Be sure to disperse batting nicely
Hand stitch nostril detail
Hand stitch nose onto body

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recycled shipping paper fort

I received a package in the mail the other day. My son ran over to open it. He usually swipes the bags of air and jumps on them to pop them. But this time there was 6 ft or so of brown paper crumpled up. His eyes lit up and he grabbed the tape dispenser and went to work.

6 ft or so of packing paper
Plenty of tape

Tape paper together until it looks right!

When asked, my son first says it is a boat, then a fort, hideout, bag, or a place to keep candy. Wow and he thought it all up himself.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reward Cards

We have been preparing our son for life after his sister arrives. We have over used words like “patience” and “helpful”. He does understand that the littler one’s needs will be met before his and he is a little apprehensive about her arrival.

To help the transition and to remind us that even though he is older he still needs lots of nurturing. I devised these simple cards.

I have been looking for a way to cheer him up without buying things. I thought of these cards a month ago and mentioned them to him. He bugged me every day since to make them.

Craft paper – cut into 4x6 pieces.
Computer with printer
Glue stick

Make a list with your child of things he loves to do with you
Type and Print list
Print out clip art images for each item (try key words like “mother”, “father” or “parent” for some really endearing images)
Cut out words and images (can have child help)
Paste onto cards (again child can help)

3 uses for cards:
Pick a card as a reward for good behavior
Pick one card a day as a way to stay connected
Wild card – child can pick a card when he is feeling sad of ignored

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby leg warmers

These days I have baby on the brain. Maybe it is the warmer weather and longer days. Or the green buds on dormant trees. Or maybe it is my fast approaching trip to china to adopt our daughter. Since I don’t know what size she will wear. (We have measurements from when she was 6months old. She will be one year old when we get her.) So I will bring frilly shirts that could act as dresses if they are too large. I have been told that babies should be covered at all times. So I devised this version of the infant leg warmer to wear under the dresses. I made these out of super soft, thin 1x1 organic rib. I hand painted simple designs to jazz them up. You can also use them as an adult wrist or ankle warmer.

2 – 10”L x 11”W fabric pieces
4 – 5” L x 5.5”W super stretch knit
Fabric paint
Paint brushes
Ironing board
Matching thread
Surger of sewing machine

Paint designs on larger pieces of fabric
Let dry
Iron, high heat, on back side of fabric to integrate paint
Move iron around to keep from burning fabric
Fold over 2 cuffs
Sew to top and bottom of one square, stretching the cuff as you go. If using a sewing machine use zig zag stitch.
With right sides together, sew length together to create tube.
Clip threads
Turn right side out
Repeat on remaining pieces
Wash before wearing to soften paint

Machine wash cold, gentle – tumble dry low