Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby leg warmers

These days I have baby on the brain. Maybe it is the warmer weather and longer days. Or the green buds on dormant trees. Or maybe it is my fast approaching trip to china to adopt our daughter. Since I don’t know what size she will wear. (We have measurements from when she was 6months old. She will be one year old when we get her.) So I will bring frilly shirts that could act as dresses if they are too large. I have been told that babies should be covered at all times. So I devised this version of the infant leg warmer to wear under the dresses. I made these out of super soft, thin 1x1 organic rib. I hand painted simple designs to jazz them up. You can also use them as an adult wrist or ankle warmer.

2 – 10”L x 11”W fabric pieces
4 – 5” L x 5.5”W super stretch knit
Fabric paint
Paint brushes
Ironing board
Matching thread
Surger of sewing machine

Paint designs on larger pieces of fabric
Let dry
Iron, high heat, on back side of fabric to integrate paint
Move iron around to keep from burning fabric
Fold over 2 cuffs
Sew to top and bottom of one square, stretching the cuff as you go. If using a sewing machine use zig zag stitch.
With right sides together, sew length together to create tube.
Clip threads
Turn right side out
Repeat on remaining pieces
Wash before wearing to soften paint

Machine wash cold, gentle – tumble dry low

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