Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reward Cards

We have been preparing our son for life after his sister arrives. We have over used words like “patience” and “helpful”. He does understand that the littler one’s needs will be met before his and he is a little apprehensive about her arrival.

To help the transition and to remind us that even though he is older he still needs lots of nurturing. I devised these simple cards.

I have been looking for a way to cheer him up without buying things. I thought of these cards a month ago and mentioned them to him. He bugged me every day since to make them.

Craft paper – cut into 4x6 pieces.
Computer with printer
Glue stick

Make a list with your child of things he loves to do with you
Type and Print list
Print out clip art images for each item (try key words like “mother”, “father” or “parent” for some really endearing images)
Cut out words and images (can have child help)
Paste onto cards (again child can help)

3 uses for cards:
Pick a card as a reward for good behavior
Pick one card a day as a way to stay connected
Wild card – child can pick a card when he is feeling sad of ignored

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