Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recycled gift basket (Valentines)

I made this basket yesterday to bring some cookies and Haw Flakes over to a friend yesterday for the Lunar New Year. I think it would work really well for Valentines with some heart cut outs or for Easter with some bunny cut outs.

Small paper bag
1”x11” strip of paper
Stapler and staples
Paper/stencils/pens for decorations

Fold bag to top is even with bottom
Fold again so new top is even with bottom
Smooth out wrinkles
Decorate as desired
Staple ends of paper to sides
Line with paper towel or colorful napkin if sweets are homemade or unpackaged
Fill with sweets to give away

1 comment:

Devlin said...

Mmmmm.... Cookies! Great basket idea, thanks!