Friday, January 16, 2009

Hanging Garden Art

My son noticed something very similar at the Volunteer Park Conservatory gift shop. He really wanted to buy one, but they were pretty expensive and I thought we could make one ourselves. The materials were pretty hard to find and it took awhile for me to find them all. But once you have the materials, it takes only a few minutes to assemble.
When it spins it looks like the marble is climbing or descending.

2-3feet Thick copper wire (I found it in the cut by yard electrical wire area of Ace. I bought 5 yards and made 3, but the larger one looks better and I think that used about half the wire.)
1-2 big glass marbles (I used 2” ones I bought off the internet. The ones we saw in the gift shop had a smaller one at the bottom and a larger one at top.)
Sturdy glass bottle or other firm form to wrap wire around (I used a wine bottle)
10”-20” Twine or string

Twist wire around form as desired
Remove form and reshape wire as desired
Don’t work too much or wire becomes too hard to bend
Crimp hook or loop at top
Place marble inside and gently squeeze wire to keep in place
Tie twine ends together
Slip twine loop over top wire hook
Hang from tree and enjoy

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