Thursday, January 8, 2009

Custom sewn slippers

Save the socks!
I have worn through every pair of socks I own. I devised this version of a bootie to custom fit my hard to fit feet (short and wide). They fit so great, I don’t kick them off all over the house.
My son loved his so much he wore them to bed for a week.

Clear quilter’s ruler
Fabric – amount depends on size of foot (Buy at least your foot length plus 1 inch) a fat quarter will be enough for most feet – I used bonded fleece for the bottom to reduce slipping
¼” elastic 10-18 inches depending on size of foot
Sewing machine
Thread - match or contrast fabric

On large piece of paper, trace foot with sock on. (If you are doing your own feet, have someone else trace)
Measure from the floor over the top of highest part of foot (usually next to ankle) and back to floor again
Add ¼ inch around tracing of foot and cut out on outer line (if you are using bulky fabric add 3/8” to ½”) you now have the pattern for the sole
Fold sole in thirds lengthwise
Trace the toe to the second fold onto another paper
Slash and spread to meet measurement over the top plus 1” (1 ½” if bulky fabric)
Smooth out edges. Cut out on this new line. You now have the pattern piece for the toe box.
Measure remaining 1/3 of sole (heel area)
On a piece of paper, draw a line that length plus ½”.
Draw a parallel line centered 2” above and 1” longer than the other line.
Connect the lines. Now you have the heel pattern piece.
Pattern is made for ¼” seam allowance.
See- - for great step by step sewing instructions
Cut 2 paired of each pattern piece. If using contrasting fabric pair or each. I recommend a fun woven on the outside with soft fleece inner. If you can find a less slippery fabric for bottom is safer. I used a bonded fleece with water proof side out for reduced slippage.

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Feito de Papel said...

I find this a great idea. I am trying do make a pair for myself.
Could you please post some pictures of the parts already cut.

Thank you