Friday, May 8, 2009

New Fort

We constructed a fort over the bed so I could read to my son before bed and not disturb my daughter. It works to keep the light in but our voices wake her up… My son loves sleeping in the fort and it stays so nice and warm that he doesn’t need covers.

Queen flat sheet
2 curtain clips
Giant pile of stuffed animals

Clip curtain clips on short end of sheet.
Hang from wall or curtain rod.
Spread sheet across bed
Pile stuffed animals as high as possible and roll sheet under to secure.

Note: be careful to put as much height as possible. One morning I found my son wrapped up in the sheet, still attached to the wall and had a panic attack. Since I piled the animals up tall I haven’t had that problem again.

I also think you could attach elastic around the thin end and loop it under the mattress for more security.

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