Friday, March 20, 2009

Puff eyes

I think in all the hub-bub of getting ready for the next child, that I have been neglecting my son. The other day he became adamant that he needed the “foam things that we glue”. When pressed for more description he said, “You know the ones that I used to use way back when I was three”.
In utter frustration, I dug up an old bag of foam packing peanuts and handed them to him. “No” he screamed, “the round white foam things.” So I pull out every craft item I have in the house, handing him anything white, round and foam…

Turns out he meant cotton balls.

Once we found that out, he sat right down and made this adorable little thing. I don’t know what it is. I think he was frustrated with me, because he said it was a gift for Dad and wouldn’t tell me what it was.

So this is a self guided craft since I haven’t been crafting much with him lately. I think he misses it. I will have to try to do more with him.

Cotton balls
Glitter glue
Piece of paper
Foam sticker

Glue stack of cotton balls together
Glue onto paper
Glue sticker on top
Dollop two “eyes” on sticker

I do love what he came up with. I think the eyes are so expressive and creative. Reminds me of the little worm creature in “spirited away”

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