Tuesday, March 24, 2009

African stone game (Mancala)

I believe this game was originally played with small stones and shallow holes dug into sun baked earth. But here is a recycled indoor version. Great craft to reuse your old egg cartons

Empty egg carton
Pipe cleaner or yarn w/needle
48 large dried beans

Cut lid and flap from egg carton
Cut 2-3 inch off each end of lid
Fold in sides of cut off piece of lid
Staple down with ends of staples on outside
Tape over sharp ends of staple
Repeat with other cut off section of lid.
Poke 2 holes in center of back edge of each altered lid
Poke 2 holes in short end of egg carton
Thread 1” piece of pipe cleaner or 5” section of yarn through holes
Tie or fold to secure

To play (2 players):
Place 4 beans in each egg cup
Players face each other with game board between the two players. Your collection cup (the larger compartment on the end) is to your right and opponent to the left.
Youngest player goes first.
Player removes beans from one egg cup on their side of the board. Place 1 bean in each egg cup starting at the right of that cup, including your collection cup. Continue around the board. Do not place one in your opponent’s collection cup.
If your last bean lands on your side, you collect all the beans in the cup opposite (on opponent’s side) of the last bean.
If the last bean goes in your collection cup take another turn.
Next player selects an egg cup on his side and continues depositing beans going counter clockwise.
Game is over when one side of board is empty.
Count tokens in collection cup. Object is to collect the most tokens.

Great at building counting and strategic skills

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