Friday, April 3, 2009

2 t-shirt dress

I really want a simple t-dress for easy traveling. We don’t have any funds to purchase such thing. Here is a great way to up-cycle two t-shirts into a cute dress. I used alternative apparel’s organic T’s. They are a little thin but I think a slip will fix that.

1 medium t-shirt (ladies)
1 large t-shirt (unisex)
½” width elastic – 2 - 6” lengths
Fabric paint
Bubble wand

Cut Medium -T-shirt at 16 ½” from highest point of shoulder.
Fold 1 ½” under at hem
Place newspaper between front and back
Paint – press bubble wand in small amount of paint
Press painted bubble wand at hem of T-shirt
Repeat as desired
Let dry
Iron as hot as material will allow setting paint
While paint dries, cut body out of Large T-shirt – top width to match width of medium t-shirt hem – or can put darts 3-4” from CF and CB to match width but be sure no larger than 1” darts
Cut pockets out of Large T-shirt sleeves using hem as top of pocket.
Run elastic through hem of sleeve (top of pocket bag)
Secure ends
Stitch 1” inverted pleat at center bottom of pocket bag
Turn edges under and topstitch or zigzag onto body at desired (I put mine too low I recommend about 4 inches from top of body – mine are almost 6”)
Sew side seams of Large T-shirt
With 1 ½” hem turned up inside Medium T-shirt, slide Large T-shirt inside to match
Pin to secure
Zigzag through all 3 layers

Well that’s it for me. I am off to China to get my daughter! I will try to resume in 3 weeks, but who knows…


Kate said...

Great idea! I love the printing with the bubble wand. Have a great trip.

One Robin Road said...

Thanks! I am so nervous.

Anonymous said...

Ming, this is a wonderful site--lots of fun pictures & ideas! katie mcd

ktmcd said...

great blog! love the pictures & ideas! katie mcd