Friday, November 28, 2008

A-symmetrical Shibori scarf

A great way to use up that left over strip of fabric. Whenever I make a garment, I am left with a long strip of fabric. With this scarf I left the irregularity as part of the charm of the scarf. It can be an elegant, low-active-time, artistic gift.

Strip of loose woven wool (about 60” or longer, can use full width of fabric – will shrink dramatically)
18-24 buttons – assorted sizes
Thread – strong coat weight
Washing machine

Wrap buttons in wool spacing variously or in straight line at about 3” intervals
Wrap thread around shank 3 times, pull tight and knot.
Wash whole thing 2-3 times in hot water
Dry high heat
Clip threads and remove buttons
Trim edges of fabric
No need to finish edges, wool threads knit together in hot water and won’t unravel

Dry clean only. Water will remove shaping.

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