Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reuse popsicles

My son loves to open a juice box, take one sip and declare himself full, never to touch another sip. It drives me insane. What am I supposed to do with the remaining 7.75 oz.? I often stare enviously at his friends who finish the whole box.
I came up with this way to get him to eat the leftovers…

Organic frozen juice cups

Opened juice box
2 small paper cups (we had some left over from his 3rd birthday party)
2 popsicle sticks (I have been methodically saving them all summer to mark the seeds in the garden.)
2 squares plastic wrap or waxed paper
2 rubber bands
4 pieces tape

Squeeze remaining juice into cups
Cover top of cup with plastic wrap or waxed paper
Secure with rubber band
Poke small hole in middle
Place stick through hole
Touch to bottom then raise ½ inch and secure with tape
Place upright in freezer over night

To remove from cup:
Remove plastic wrap, band and tape
Run lower outside of cup under running water
Do not get water inside cup
Gently giggle stick until whole thing pops out
May microwave up to 20 seconds if rock hard

Reuse all materials:
I keep open juice boxes in refrigerator and refill cups as they get eaten.

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