Thursday, November 13, 2008

Elementary school Holiday Bazaar

My son’s school is having a holiday bazaar. They will be selling donated stuff from 50 cents to $2. I think the goal is to enable the kids to buy gifts for all their family using their own allowance or money they earned themselves. The school gets the proceeds and it’s a win-win situation.
Ever since the announcement came home, I have been racking my brain to think of something simple yet fun to make. Something I wouldn’t mind getting as a present…
I live in a precipitous area. When it rains, I put my scarf over my head. My neck gets wet.
I came up with these fleece hooded scarves. They are so much fun to make. They take very little sewing. They use about ½ yard of 60” width fabric.

½ yard double sided fleece
Scissors (rotary blade and mat if you have one)
Sewing machine
Large paper and ruler (optional – can draw directly on fabric) I used paper I got in a shipping package. You know the stuff they use instead of the awful peanuts.
Nice oversized hood with single seam down the middle

Fold hood in half
Straighten line from mid-head to back neck
Draw line perpendicular to that line
Draw another line 6” above that line ending at front hood
6” parallel lines mark scarf
Now have rough shape for ½ of hooded scarf.
Fold fleece along grain line (selvage to selvage)
Place right angle of paper pattern on edge.
Cut the scarf to full width of the fabric.
Be sure not to cut center back neck fold.
Cut with a rotary blade and cutting mat if you have one, otherwise cut as carefully as possible with scissors. Try to get a smooth edge.
With sewing machine on zigzag mode, overlap center hood seam about ¼” and sew from center back neck to front of hood. Be sure to back stitch to secure.
Carefully clip all threads, excess seam allowance and selvages.

If you don’t want to do all the pattern work, for $5 plus $3 shipping I will make/send you a copy of my pattern.

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