Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweater Boots - Upcycled

I made these for my models to wear. They got more attention than the clothes. I got several offers to sell them is some wonderful boutiques. I considered becoming a cobbler but just don't have the time to source materials.
I hope you enjoy this simple easy way to upcycle your favorite scuffed shoes to become one of the hottest items this fall.
scuffed up old shoes (helps to have a clear division between top and bottom)
old sweater
hot glue gun with glue
ribbons or other trim (optional)
buttons or other accessory (optional)
cut the sleeves off the sweater at the shoulder seam.
Embellish the cuff or body of sleeve as desired. I like to use buttons.
slide sleeve over shoe with armhole at heal and cap at toe to check angle of boot top. Should be about 40-45 degrees from floor.
pull toe forward or heal down until get desired angle.
Trim excess.
heat glue gun
glue toe between shoe and sleeve about 1" along bottom edge. Carefully press down. be sure to avoid hot glue on your fingers.
Glue 1" at heal. press down.
glue slowly 1-2" at a time until whole shoe is connected.
run a bead of glue around raw edge a couple of inches at a time. press ribbon over glue to hide raw edge.
If sweater was felted this step is optional.
Sometimes the ridge of the shoe is large enough to tuck the raw edge away, also making this step optional.

repeat with other shoe.

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