Tuesday, November 3, 2009

salvaging jeans

Have you ever splurged on something and it shrunk in the wash?
I have this pair of $200 jeans (I got them at a going out of business sale for 30% off) They are organic and made in the USA. So I splurged. They shrank. Been sitting on my shelf for almost a year, making me sad. Never worn.
Then a friend cleaned out her space and gave me a bunch of vintage remnants. SCORE! One from around the sixties inspired me. I thought it would look really retro cool on these jeans. So I spliced them in. OOOhhh bad idea. I now had $200 clown pants... So I sadly set them aside.
After a few days I decided to paint them. I put a wash of navy blue fabric paint to tone it down. I am pretty happy with the finished product. I think I brought it back to retro cool.

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