Friday, November 6, 2009

clothes swap

I attended a clothes swap organized by my sister. She has them a couple of times a year. It was a great way to swap out the clothes you don't wear with different ones. This was the first one I managed to attend. It was fabulous. It was like a trunk sale, without having to pay for anything! I even got some really great shoes and a pair of boots. I have never been able to find boots that fit me. So I was pretty ecstatic.
The low down on a clothes swap. Each gal brings her treasured clothes that she doesn't wear anymore. Then sorts the clothes in stations by type, pant, skirt, dress, fancy, tops, sweaters... THEN DIG IN. We had an area to keep selected clothes (and the ones worn to the party since we were all running around in our undies). This is very important. I did overhear someone say she had to find a pant that fit because hers went home with someone else. Leftovers are donated.
The organizers also made a party of it and provided food and mimosas! You can do potluck also.
I was so impressed by how much fun being frugal and sustainable can be.

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