Friday, June 5, 2009

Up-cycled cereal box - box

I am still playing with this box I saw on craftstylish. I thought it would be a great birthday party booty bag. I could have the children decorate the boxes at the beginning of the party. While the children were doing something else, I could put them together with a surprise inside for each child.

My prototype is made from a cereal box. We recycle a couple in a week in our house. I thought it would be nice to up-cycle them instead. My next birthday party isn’t until October (though he is already planning it!) I think I will have time to make enough…

I used the pattern provided on craftsylish and sized it up on a copy machine. I sized the top up 25% and the bottom %20 so they would fit together. I got one box from a medium/large sized cereal box.

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