Monday, December 21, 2009

Recycled castle gift or goodie bag

Here is a fun little gift bag I created. My son loves it so much that he took it off my craft table and ran off with it. He occasionally reappears swinging it by the top string. I think it is perfect for a small gift or make multiple for a goodie bag.

4 empty toilet paper tubes
1 paper lunch sack
hole punch
about 2 ft of ribbon
cut top notches of paper tubes, be sure to have an even number of cuts
fold down every other tab
cut a vertical line 3/4 way up each tube
turn 1/4 turn and make parallel cut
draw castle walls, windows and drawbridge on bag
keep in mind about an inch out from the corner will be covered with the
cut 1 inch in from each corner where there is a natural horizontal fold in the bag
thread the paper tubes through the holes
fill bag
fold upper corners of bag down so the overlap
fold top corner down
punch 1 or 2 holes through overlap
1 hole - feed the middle of the ribbon through the hole then bring the ends through that loop creating a closure for the bag
2 holes - string each end of the ribbon through a hole and tie closed

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